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on Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Which microdata markup system should I use?

A question I was asked several times at JoomlaDagen last weekend was which microdata markup system to use - some recommend, others use, and what about RDFa and RDFa Lite?

Adding microdata to your content, only to find out a few months later that search engines have switched from favouring one system to another is nothing short of frustrating.  So, we've listened and come up with a solution!

Using Microdata Library, you can insert microdata markup into your content which is system-independent - it simply looks at which system you have chosen in the plugin parameters and translates some standardised code into whatever the comparable itemtype or property is for that schema or vocabulary.  Even better, if an item property becomes deprecated, you don't need to worry - the code will simply be ignored, rather than leave nasty untranslated code in your content.

We're really pleased to be launching version 1 of Microdata Library on 1st June 2013, and as a special offer, use MDBL10 as a voucher code to get 10% off the price of your first purchase with us at Microdata for Joomla! 


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