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on Friday, 10 February 2017

Optimise your Mautic landing pages - 7 SEO tips in 7 minutes

Often landing pages are excluded from search engines, but there are times when you may want to create one which needs to be well optimised.  Creating a well optimised landing page has some similarities to optimising a website, but there are some key differences which we will unpack in the seven tips that follow.

  1. Use a custom domain for your landing pages

    If you are trying to rank well in search engines, it is sensible to use a custom domain rather than a hosted domain such as, for example. This is less confusing for potential customers, but also helps to contribute toward the overall optimisation of your domain.
  2. Determine your keyword focus and persona

    It is really important that you determine your keyword focus and the persona of the target audience. This will help you to focus your message, and ensure that it is relevant. A great free tool for developing your personas can be found at
  3. Incorporate keywords on the page

    Just as you would structure a regular webpage, it is important to ensure that you use keywords in the structural elements of the page. This includes the following:
    • Page title
    • Meta description
    • Headings (using H1, H2, H3 etc)
    • Image filenames and alternative text
    Always ensure that the text remains 'readable' - if you were to read it out loud, would it sound like natural speech? If not, then you have probably overdone it with the keywords!
  4. Use targeted headlines and content

    Make sure that your headings and content are appropriate to the audience and the action you want them to carry out. Every aspect of your landing page should be focused on encouraging people to carry out whatever the purpose of the landing page might be.
  5. Rule of 3's

    Ensure visitors can find everything they need in three seconds, three scrolls, and complete in no more than three stages - give them handrails to guide them between different elements of the page if needed!
  6. Encourage social sharing

    Make it easy for the visitor to share the page with their networks - this can be a huge generator of social traffic, free publicity and help to spread the word.
  7. Build the link profile

    Focus on building the link profile of the page using both internal and external links. If you are building a landing page for a seasonal event such as Black Friday, consider leaving it online after the campaign but change the content (so you don't lose the SEO work!).


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