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on Thursday, 04 August 2011

When your server goes down you just can't wait until morning!

We received a call just after midnight from a server administrator who was having difficulties with his mail server - to the point that his international clients were unable to receive email at the middle of their peak period.  Nobody else picked up the phone ... we did!

When you've got a problem with a server, you almost always have people breathing down your neck, putting you under pressure to get it fixed so that they can get on with whatever they can't do as a result of the problem.

If you can't fix the problem, the last thing you need is to be ringing round to find an emergency support provider and finding that nobody answers the phone.  Imagine it, with each unanswered phonecall the temperature rises ... and last night was hot enough as it was!!

We took a call at 20 past midnight, and the usual 'have you switched it off and on again' had already been done .. he wasn't able to get to the bottom of it.

We were able to put him in touch with one of our engineers who was able to immediately log in and identify the problem, resolve it, and restore the flow of emails. 

Coincidence that it then started to rain and the temperature drop? You decide! :)

Customer testimonial:

Our company server went down at midnight, we were looking for emergency out of hours support and Virya was there to help when no one else was answering. Within 10 minutes an engineer was on the phone sorting it out.


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