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on Tuesday, 07 February 2017

How to receive Slack alerts when Github repositories are updated

At Virya Group we use a lot of software to keep the wheels of our machines turning - most of which are open source and managed via Github repositories.  Recently we've moved our server architecture over to using Docker containers, and we needed a way to get notified when there were updates to containers we use.

A simple way we found to do this was to post into our server management Slack channel whenever the master branch of repositories we use were updated.

We achieved this by using the RSS Feed app for Slack - it allows you to post a notification to a Slack channel whenever there is a new item posted on an RSS feed.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the Github repository of interest
  2. View the source of the page
  3. Search for 'atom' to find the feed link
  4. Copy the link, and go to your Slack instance application (e.g. <yourdomain>
  5. Install the RSS feed app if it's not already present
  6. Paste the RSS feed link, and select the relevant channel to be notified

In this case, any time a new commit was pushed to the master branch of any repository we are using, we get a notification in the relevant room.

This enables our team to stay informed of relevant updates easily, and also with the threaded conversations in Slack, allows us to discuss any new updates internally before they are applied.


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