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on Wednesday, 03 February 2016

How to set up XDebug with PHPStorm, SSH and DBGP

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At times it's necessary to debug your PHP code directly on a remote server - perhaps the problem can't be reproduced in a development environment or the data needs to be retained on a specific server for data protection reasons. This poses a number of problems, especially in the situation where the server has a number of different virtual hosts and you have more than one developer needing access to carry out debugging processes.

This requires a "complex" setup and some tinkering - this article walks through some of the processes we have used and refined here at Virya Group.  We have a distributed team of developers working on projects from all over the world in a collaborative environment - which sometimes presents quite a challenge!

 Requirements and assumptions

This article assumes you are familiar with using SSH, PHPStorm and XDebug.  If you don't have a solid basic understanding then by all means read on, but bear in mind you might need another tab open to read up on some of the topics!

We thrive on challenges - go on, we dare you! Throw down the gauntlet today!

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