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on Sunday, 02 July 2017

How to use a lookup table in Google Tag Manager (GTM) to select the right Google Analytics property

Using a lookup table to render the correct Google Analytics property based on the environment or hostname was one of the great tips I picked up from the Google Tag Manager training at Brighton SEO.  It is pretty simple to set up, and once you have done it you'll never look back!


Published under Marketing and SEO
on Wednesday, 28 June 2017

How to implement GTM Environments with Joomla templates

A problem we have faced in our Joomla development work has been ensuring that the correct Google Tag Manager environment code is being deployed with the right environments - for example in our development environments we need to deploy the container code from GTM related to the dev environment, but in production, we need the live container code.

After some discussions about the best way to implement it, we came up with a simple way to ensure this 'just worked' across all our sites without any complicated settings.


Published under CMS
on Monday, 26 June 2017

How to set up individual Google Analytics properties for different development environments

If you've followed our other posts about setting up Google Tag Manager for different development environments and how to implement GTM container code within Joomla templates, you'll probably next be asking how to set up Google Analytics so that you can separate out your development, demo and production sites.  Let's take a dive into the easiest way to do this with Google Analytics properties.


Published under Marketing and SEO
on Monday, 12 June 2017

Setting up Google Tag Manager (GTM) environments for tag testing

I often have moments in the office where I am so excited by a new feature that I start clapping excitedly and pointing at the screen - this was definitely one of them! For some time we had been trying to figure out how to reliably test our marketing tags between different environments - development, demo and production - without accidentally putting tags in the wrong place or leaving debug mode enabled.

We used to achieve this with different containers in Google Tag Manager for each environment or using the 'preview' mode, which was very cumbersome - so the day back in November 2015 when Google launched its 'environments' feature in Google Tag Manager was most definitely a happy clappy day!


Published under Marketing and SEO
on Thursday, 25 May 2017

How to manually remove a contact from a Mautic segment

Segments in Mautic are a way of grouping your leads so that you can take action - for example kick off a campaign - based on their behaviour.  Sometimes you may need to manually remove a contact from a segment and there is a simple way to do this.


Published under Marketing and SEO
on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mautic landing pages, the designer’s checklist

Landing Pages are a primary Marketing online tool. Most of the time they are the first visual element that a visitor experiences of your brand. While landing pages are usually designed to be informative, they must also focus on the action expected - completing a form, signing up to a mailing list or purchasing a product, for example.

The biggest challenge faced by the designer is to create a landing page that looks good, but also converts well.

The Mautic marketing automation platform provides the perfect technology platform to convert an anonymous visitor into a potential lead, but the designer is the person who has the power to make that happen.


Published under Marketing and SEO

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