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Virya means 'a driving force or positive energy to do good for the benefit of others' which is at the core of everything we do.

Technology moves at an incredible pace, and Virya Group are here to help your business keep ahead of the game.

As a full-service digital agency, we pride ourselves in delivering a holistic, customer-focused service to clients around the world.


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Ethical people, ethical technology

We provide this advice in an ethical manner, and conduct our business in line with our high ethical and moral standards at all times.

Right Livelihood

Virya Group operates as a Buddhist "right livelihood" business which means that we follow an ethos statement which clearly lays out our aims, ethics and core values.

Our world, their future

While we respect the importance of technology in our world, we also respect the importance of our world.  We give back in whatever way we can.

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We contacted Virya after being given 48 hours notice to resolve a spam issue on one of our servers. As the email came in while we were in Germany, it was difficult to deal with the problems on the go but Virya took control of the situation and managed to get all of our clients moved from our now-offline server to a brand new box and have everyone fully operational again within a few days of initial contact.

Ad-hoc Linux server support client

I'm not sure why, but having been building Joomla sites for a few years, this is the first time I wanted to use an image map.

Thinking that image maps are such a basic building block of web design I looked for options - and there are very few. I looked at a couple before selecting this extension. It does everything it says on the box and then some. Incredibly simple to use.

Just what I needed!


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