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Mautic experts

Specialists in the Mautic Marketing Automation platform


What is Mautic?

Mautic is a powerful, Open Source marketing platform which allows you to gain invaluable business intelligence from visitors interacting with your website, resources, and emails.  

It allows you to gather this information in centralised dashboard, and most importantly to take action based on behaviours.

With Mautic, you can:

  • Track activity on your web resources and apps
  • Build simple and complex landing pages
  • Create forms to capture data and identify anonymous visitors to your website
  • Create newsletter-style and transactional email templates that can be sent as a 'one off', scheduled, or triggered as a campaign action
  • Chunk your contacts into groups based on behaviour, activity, or any number of features (we call these chunks segments)
  • Create workflows which allow you to automate processes (we call these campaigns)
  • Add and remove points based on behaviour or actions - effectively scoring people visiting your website (both known and unknown) based on what they are doing
  • Integrate with a multitude of other systems to ensure bi-directional sharing of data
  • Use third-party email systems instead of sending emails through your own server

Mautic can help you to:

  • Understand your visitors
  • Learn which visitors are more likely to become customers
  • Prioritise your sales activity
  • Assign leads to the most appropriate sales person based on their behaviour
  • Optimise the conversion rates on your marketing campaigns through targeted landing pages
  • Automate common tasks such as sending emails or text messages

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