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Ebook Mautic Theme For White Papers, Ebooks and Downloadable Resources

UpperPoint Is A Simple Landing Page For White Papers, Ebooks & Downloads


Flexible colour scheme
Change the primary brand colour using a simple colour picker - easily repurpose the theme for different campaigns.

Each element is built using Mautic's builder interface, allowing you to customise the text without having to work with code.

Need to tinker with the layout or change the headings? Just use code mode!

All elements are built to be easily configured using the standard Mautic builder.


Two email template styles provided
All our themes ship with two styles of email template - a transactional style and a newsletter style.

Either use them as they come 'out of the box' or configure to match your own layout needs.

We ensure that your email templates use the correct styling for the main email clients and web browsers so you don't have to write the code.


Clean, simple capture forms
Why make forms complex when they can be simple?

Our forms provide visual and text indicators for the main field types, enabling your visitors to easily see what content is expected.

High contrast buttons ensure that your CTA is clear and vibrant!


Be gone, boring tables!
Gorgeous styling included for tables - banish those boring grey pricing tables to the dim and distant past!

Stylesheets ship with support for all the main elements regardless of whether they are being used on the demo, so you can be sure whatever you create will look on-brand.


Showcase your resources and drive conversions

  • Visual guidance toward your form
    The design of the page guides the eye toward the lead capture form, encouraging your visitors' attention and helping drive conversions


  • Strong contrasting colour scheme
    Highlighting the lead capture form and ensuring a good contrast of colours results in a visually appealing layout which is fully configurable to match your brand colours.


  • Highlight key features
    Styling for check mark features lists to showcase the main features of your product and encourage conversion.


Small details, big impact

Fully configurable patterns and colours
The theme ships with a repeating pattern in the background and template images which can be replaced by clicking and changing the image - simple!

You have full control over the colours and images used, and can adjust to meet your needs.

All image slots use the built-in Mautic slot, allowing easy resizing and swapping of images.


One-click colour change
We have built the theme to allow you to change the primary brand colour on the 'swirl' with two clicks.

Simply select the section and change the colour in the colour picker on the right hand pane in the Mautic builder.


Give to your landing page a premium look!

Conversion optimised
Virya Group designers are highly trained in creating conversion-optimised designs.


User centric design
Our focus is to delight your visitors and inspire them to convert through inspiring visuals and interactivity.


Bloat-free development
Our developers use minimal design principles and absolutely no bloatware! We only use what is needed!


Responsive support
Our support team are friendly, helpful and responsive. We are UK-based and are ready to help.


Choose your subscription

Our subscriptions are available for a period of 3 or 12 months - pick the most appropriate for your needs and budget!


3 Months

Ideal for getting started

  • Access to installers and layered graphics for three months
  • Use on unlimited Mautic instances *
  • Free updates for your theme and associated plugins for three months
  • 30 credits per month for Technical support
  • Quick start Mautic package to get you up and running without delay


12 Months

Perfect for long term projects

  • Access to installers and layered graphics for twelve months
  • Use on unlimited Mautic instances *
  • Free updates for your theme and associated plugins for twelve months
  • 30 credits per month for Technical support + 25% off additional credits
  • Quick start Mautic package to get you up and running without delay
  • Discounted custom development & consultancy rates


Virya Group provides a range of solutions to your technology needs