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Integrated Marketing Experts

Promoting effective, integrated, data-driven marketing


Strategic, efficient and effective marketing

Marketing should not exist in a silo. At Virya Group we promote an integrated, data-driven approach to marketing. Focused on a strategic approach, we deliver a tailored, results-oriented marketing solution.

What is integrated marketing?

As a full-service agency, our teams work together to deliver efficient solutions for clients. Why shouldn't your marketing do the same?

We approach marketing in a strategy-focused approach, aligning with your wider business goals.

The key aspects to integrated marketing are:

  • It is an ongoing, strategic business process, aligned with your whole-business strategy
  • There are many audiences that are an important part of the marketing process
  • Internal audiences such as employees are an important part of the marketing strategy
  • Accountability for and measurement of outcomes is as important as the marketing itself

If neat and tidy definitions are your thing, in a nutshell:

Integrated Marketing is a strategic business process used to plan, develop, execute and evaluate co-ordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communications programs over time with consumers, customers, prospects, employees, associates and other targeted relevant external and internal audiences. The goal is to generate both short-term financial returns and build long-term brand and shareholder value.

~ Belch, G. E., & Belch, M. A. (2014). Advertising and promotion: An integrated Marketing communications perspective (10th ed.).

Why integrated marketing?

There are many reasons why we use this approach in delivering marketing solutions at Virya Group.

  • Integrated marketing offers the most cost-effective solution in today's arena
  • Uniting fragmented marketing efforts under a results-driven strategy ensures focus, accountability and efficiency
  • Clear performance indicators ensure a commitment to delivering outcomes that matter
  • Working from a basis of integration, each marketing effort reflects and amplifies the other

How does it work?

At Virya Group we offer a flexible pricing strategy which allows our clients get the most value from their budget.  We offer five standard service packages:

Plan Monthly investment Points available
Micro £2,500 35
Basic £5,000 70
Standard £10,000 140
Professional £15,000 210
Enterprise £20,000 280

The work carried out each month is customised to meet the needs of your business, with each task or activity being assigned a 'points' value (e.g. a blog post might equate to 3 points) based on the value and return on investment this brings to your organisation.  You know exactly what you receive each month, avoiding hourly fees which result in you paying for agency inefficiencies.

Point totals are consistent regardless of time invested, ensuring you receive the full value from each pound spent. We collaboratively discuss and agree point allocations at the start of each month and before each sprint period, allowing for more efficient and accurate forecasting while permitting a degree of flexibility to respond to emerging needs.

What activities can be included in marketing plans?

Any of the variety of activities associated with marketing are available for inclusion, subject to your budget cap.

It is not possible to conceive of every possible marketing activity you may need, but below you will find a snapshot of common features.

While points may vary based on actual scope of the activity, this provides a general indication of the tasks that can be incorporated into your monthly marketing plan.   

Activity Points Frequency
Activity Points Frequency
Email blast 2 Each
3-part Lead Nurturing Email 6 Each
Scheduled social shares (15) 2 Each
Social Monitoring and Engagement 4 Monthly
Website management Varies Each
Content upload 1 Each
Landing pages - new design 15 Each
Landing pages - existing design 2 Each
Premium content (e.g. eBook) 30 Each
Blog post 3 Each
Copywriting (per article) 2 Each
Workflow 3 Each
List creation 4 Each
Campaign creation 1 Each
Lead scoring 8 Monthly
Monthly report and forward plan 8 Monthly
Campaign management 8 Monthly
Paid advertising
Campaign creation (per network) 30 Each
Advertising campaign management 8 Monthly
Public relations
Prepare and distribute press release 2 Each
Editorial feature (source, curate and supply) 6 Each
Consumer promotion and product placement opportuntiies 6 Each


What people say about us

We approached Virya Group because we were looking for another option to the company we’d used before. We wanted to make some updates and improvements to our site. A colleague had heard good feedback about Virya Group from other people, and we found them very professional. We had some initial ideas on the changes we wanted to make on our site and we presented those to Virya Group in an initial meeting. Afterwards, we thought “Wow! They really know their stuff!”

Wow! They really know their stuff!

I would not hesitate to highly recommend Ruth's Google+ course. She's the best social media trainer I've ever come across.


Google+ Training Delegate


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