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Pre-project investigation

Understanding your project and scoping project requirements


Investigating your project requirements

The first phase of any consultancy project is always the most important. Our team of specialists will take the time to fully understand your project, its unique requirements and problems and, more importantly, get a feel for any unknown factors that may be affecting your business.

Our quoting process

This phase is incredibly important to a successful project, so we prefer to conduct a pre-project investigation before we provide a formal quote. This ensures both parties know what the requirements are which, in turn, means we can quote accurately with full knowledge of any 'skeletons in the closet' - from both sides!

Improving accuracy, reducing unexpected costs

Our many years of experience have shown us that complex projects, where in-depth research about your project requirements is not properly carried out, will more often than not encounter problems.

Scope creep (where things are constantly being added to a project, outside of the originally agreed scope and hence prolonging a project and adding expense) is probably the biggest challenge facing any project.

We believe in doing a thorough pre-project investigation because this reduces the potential for scope creep.

Of course, we're not perfect - nobody is! BUT - our experience has shown a significant improvement in project estimation when we have carried out a pre-project analysis.


What people say about us

We approached Virya Group because we were looking for another option to the company we’d used before. We wanted to make some updates and improvements to our site. A colleague had heard good feedback about Virya Group from other people, and we found them very professional. We had some initial ideas on the changes we wanted to make on our site and we presented those to Virya Group in an initial meeting. Afterwards, we thought “Wow! They really know their stuff!”

Wow! They really know their stuff!


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