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Project delivery

Bringing your ideas into reality


Delivering consultancy projects

Virya Group’s specialist team meets weekly during your project, updating everyone on work, incrementally signing off aspects of the project, and ensuring there is excellent communication between our team and you.

The agreed launch date is an integral part of the quotation phase and, with the weekly check-ins and regular updates, it should be a natural progression to launch the project. Sometimes we will be working on larger projects with smaller iterations, so there could be multiple staged launch dates throughout the project, but each will have the same process.

Pre-launch sprint

The penultimate fortnight before a launch will be what we like to think of as the 'pre-launch sprint'. During this period we will make sure everything in the agreed schedule is complete, and we will carry out the final round of checks before the launch.

We'll be in regular contact with you throughout this period - often we open up a Slack chat channel where you can ping us directly for this purpose to save clogging up your inbox.

In the final week leading up to the launch, we will carry out our 'dry run' launch process where we deploy to a staging area on the same hosting environment as your live site, so that we can all test in a 'like-for-like' environment. We'll concentrate on perfecting the migration scripts, capturing any bugs and making sure we're all ready for the launch day.

Never launch on a Friday!

It's a mantra we have here at Virya Group. We never, ever launch anything on a Friday. Weekends are important to all of us, and nobody wants to be spending the weekend worrying or, worst case, working through problems! We will pretty much always schedule launches toward the beginning of the week where possible.

Depending on your time zone, we can schedule launch times to meet your requirements - either at a quieter time or when we can ensure that there is a 'lock down' period for busy sites.

Minimising down time

When it comes to launch, we script everything so it's simply a case of hitting the button. We do everything we can to minimise down-time, and we will work with you to determine what the most appropriate setup is to meet the expectations of your customers.

Post-launch wash-up meeting

Every project launch is an opportunity to learn - whether it was a resounding success or a few bumps were encountered along the way. After the launch date, we will have scheduled a post-launch wash-up, - an ideal opportunity for everyone to sit around a table (virtually or face-to-face) and run through what went well, what we learned, and how we can improve in the future.

If this is one launch in many for a large project, we will take the learning points forward into the future, hopefully improving future sprints and launch cycles. Everyone receives a copy of the post-launch wash-up notes for future reference.

Rectification and acceptance notices

After the launch, you will have some time in which you can report defects or bugs by providing us with a Rectification Notice. Once this is served, our team will work to ensure any issues are triaged and reviewed by Virya Group’s project team and, of course, we will give you a timeline in which these will be resolved. If there are no issues - usually the case - we will provide an acceptance notice, which means that you are happy with everything and the project has been delivered as expected.


What people say about us

We approached Virya Group because we were looking for another option to the company we’d used before. We wanted to make some updates and improvements to our site. A colleague had heard good feedback about Virya Group from other people, and we found them very professional. We had some initial ideas on the changes we wanted to make on our site and we presented those to Virya Group in an initial meeting. Afterwards, we thought “Wow! They really know their stuff!”

Wow! They really know their stuff!


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