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Dedicated and virtual server support

Specialist support and monitoring for your servers


Dedicated and Virtual Server Support

We offer ad hoc, retainer-based support and commissioning services for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers. We specialise in containerisation using Docker.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A VPS usually bridges the gap between being a busy website pushing the limits of what is available from a shared hosting provider to having your own server. A VPS is a ‘virtual’ part of a larger physical server - so one ‘real’ server might host multiple ‘virtual’ servers.

If we use the analogy of shared hosting being like renting a room in a shared house, where everybody has to use the same resources in the house. This might include using the kitchen, the bathrooms, maybe even extending to recreational facilities and parking spaces.

Why do you need a VPS?

Sometimes you just know that sharing a house is not going to be for you. Maybe you like spending your time in the bathroom, or you prefer not to share your house with others. Perhaps you have sensitive work that you can’t risk others having access to.

In this situation, you might consider a VPS. The equivalent to this might be renting an entire house for yourself, instead of renting a single room. This way, you have control over who comes and goes from the house, and what happens in the house. You can decide what services you use, and how tidy or clean you keep the house.

How can we help?

You might need to hire somebody to take care of the house, and that’s where we come in. We take care of the day-to-day tidying, ensuring things are clean and ‘in order’, and that they are secured. We can even help you if you’ve got a new ‘bare bones’ VPS and need help in setting it up.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is the equivalent to owning the whole house yourself. You have full control over everything, and you can decide what colours to paint the wall and what carpets you want to have!

Dedicated servers enable you to have complete control over the way in which your server is set up. You can choose to not have certain software installed if you don't need it and, likewise, you can configure the server settings to match your specific business requirements. Dedicated servers are often expensive because you are literally leasing an entire server. You have to ensure that the server is powerful enough to manage the applications that you will be running.

We can provide you with guidance on commissioning the server and our ongoing retainer contract will ensure your software remains up to date and deal. In addition, we will deal with any day-to-day customisation, backup routines, and any other vital issues that may crop up.



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Wow! They really know their stuff!


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