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Virya Group provide specialist Linux server support

Focusing on Ubuntu and Debian distributions, Virya Group provide ad-hoc and retainer-based services to commission and maintain Linux-based servers.  We use a range of Open Source tools which allow us to simplify the management of servers and provide monitoring services as required by our clients.


Our Hosting Services

  • Linux server specialists
  • VPS & Dedicated Servers
  • Shared hosting with Siteground


Our Hosting Solutions

  • Ubuntu & Debian specialists
    Ubuntu & Debian specialists

    At Virya Group, we live and breathe Open Source, and Linux in particular. Our specialists have more than 10 years’ expertise in all Linux-run services, predominantly in Ubuntu and Debian servers.  

  • Dedicated and Virtual Server Support
    Dedicated and Virtual Server Support

    We offer ad hoc, retainer-based support and commissioning services for Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers. We specialise in containerisation using Docker.  

  • Shared Hosting with our Partners
    Shared Hosting with our Partners

    We’re holding our hands up - we don't offer shared hosting any more because we understand it's not our expertise. However, we have outsourced this facility to SiteGround.  

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Experts in complex Linux environments, containerisation and enterprise architectures.


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Virya Hosting

Our team of Linux server administrators manage, optimise and troubleshoot virtual private servers and dedicated servers at locations around the world.

Whether you have a single server in need of maintenance or a whole data centre, our team are on hand to offer expert advice and guidance.


Case studies

client since 2016
A leading provider of outsourced technical helpdesk services


since 2014
A global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world.


Client since 2014
Leading supplier of shipping containers for sale, hire and conversion.




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What people say about us

We approached Virya Group because we were looking for another option to the company we’d used before. We wanted to make some updates and improvements to our site. A colleague had heard good feedback about Virya Group from other people, and we found them very professional. We had some initial ideas on the changes we wanted to make on our site and we presented those to Virya Group in an initial meeting. Afterwards, we thought “Wow! They really know their stuff!”

Wow! They really know their stuff!


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