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HTML Map 2

Images are boring!  Often as web developers we want to make something exciting happen with an image - perhaps to have it change when a visitor hovers over a section, or allow them to click through to another part of your site.  

HTML Map 2 allows you to achieve this, with interactions on hover, mouse up and mouse down.  You can direct users to internal or external links on click, and use tooltips to convey useful information. 


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This subscription gives you access to download and use HTML Map 2 on as many sites as you like, and provides 30 support credits per month during the period of your subscription.

What does HTML Map 2 do?

HTML Map 2 allows you to embed images with 'hot linked' areas in your Joomla! 2.5 or 3.x site.  You can link the 'hot links' to a URL, or to a menu link within your site.

Do you support Joomla! 1.5?

No, we don't support Joomla! 1.5 but the original version of HTML Map can be found on Joomla! Code here.  Please note support will not be provided for this version, except in regards to migrating to the newer versions (for which you will need to buy HTML Map 2).

How does it work?

The 'hotspots' are created using a graphical editor program such as the freely available GIMP or other graphic design software (we are working on being able to do this within HTML Map 2) following some very simple steps which we have clearly documented.  These can then be uploaded to HTML Map 2 as a .map file, which magically creates all the hotspots for you.

How does the image change?

The base image remains the same at all times, as it is a point of reference for your hotspots (but it is responsive friendly, so if your browser viewport becomes smaller - such as on a mobile device - and hence resizing the image, your hotspots will move accordingly).  

When a visitor hovers over the hotspot, you can specify a different image to appear - effectively replacing the base image for the time that the visitor is hovering over that hotspot.  Here's a screenshot of HTML Map 2 in action - check out the demo below:


What else can I do?

You can show a tooltip when you hover over the hotspot, which can be styled using your template stylesheet (in the image above we're just using the standard Joomla! tooltip) - allowing you to maintain the look and feel of the site.  You can also have the hotspots linked to an internal page within your site, or perhaps an external link - such that when a visitor clicks on the hotspot area, they are directed to that URL.

Where can I see it in action?

You can check out the HTML Map Demo here:  View Demo

How much does it cost?

HTML Map 2 costs £30+VAT (where applicable) which gives you access to download all updates and receive support for a period of one year - you can install HTML Map 2 on as many domains as you like, and we will support you on as many domains as you need.  We operate a sustainable support policy which allows each customer 30 support credits per month during the active term of their subscription - read more about our support policy here.

Following the expiration of your subscription you can continue to use HTML Map 2 (still on as many sites as you like, we don't ever limit that) but if you need updates or support you will need to purchase another subscription.

Not convinced?

Check out some of our most recent reviews:

HTML Map 2

"I was asked to set up an image map of a geographical are for a non-profit. HTML Map 2 was very easy and powerful. Had one small issue that I contacted support about. I got it fixed before Ruth got back to me but she did get back fast and explained the problem I had. Nice work!"  - Drewitz

Great product and fantastic support!

"I can't say enough good things about the software and Virya's support of it. I have used HTML map ever since its original version and agree with the others about its importance and utility. There is nothing else out there like this for ease of use and usefulness. The best part about their support is being able to deal with all the problems that go with Joomla upgrades, IE upgrades, and template upgrades. I tear my hair out with some other extensions, but HTML map2 support is quick, friendly, and spot-on. Best support I have ever had, from all support systems I have ever used." - Dr. Nancy

Extremely useful!

"This is an absolute must to have when you would like to put links on complex images. I have used this quite a few times now. You can preserve your original artwork and put links all over it. Thanks for this component. Worth the small fee, and thanks for the instructions on how to get the image map coordinates :)" - Nooblarama

HTML Map - a powerful component

"I have used HTML Map and HTML Map2 on several sites and it really is powerful and adds functionality that can set your site apart. Like all extensions of this caliber, there are usually a few things to learn to make it work to its fullest potential. But it is completely worth the initial cost and learning. For a simple application it is plug-and-play. The tech support I received (several times for different projects) from Ruth at Virya Technologies has been second to none." - dwainerobinson



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