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Joomla extensions

Virya Group have specialised in the field of Joomla development since the early days of Joomla 1.x.  Our team members are active within the community, and many of us are regular code contributors.  Our extensions have been developed over the years - some were migrated from old extensions written by others, and some we have written from scratch.

All our extensions are backed by our sustainable support policy which you can read more about here.

Floaty Social Module

Sharing your social network profiles needs to be interesting, and work well on mobile devices.  Social icons are often just a static icon linking to a page, which isn't exactly exciting or inviting to visitors on your sites.

Floaty Social creates a pure-CSS set of tabs which float in and out when hovered, displaying links to your social media profiles.  Tabs are automatically hidden if you don't enter the URL.

Demo Support & Documentation


HTML Map 2

Images are boring!  Often as web developers we want to make something exciting happen with an image - perhaps to have it change when a visitor hovers over a section, or allow them to click through to another part of your site.  

HTML Map 2 allows you to achieve this, with interactions on hover, mouse up and mouse down.  You can direct users to internal or external links on click, and use tooltips to convey useful information. 


Demo Support & Documentation


Whizzy Tags

Tags are great, but showing them in a list is dull.  Often we want to display tags in a different way - perhaps in a floating cloud which your site visitors can interact with.  Whizzy Tags does just this!.

Demo Support & Documentation


Whizzy Tags for K2

12 month subscription for Whizzy Tags for K2 compatible with Joomla 3, including access to all resources and 30 support credits per month.

Demo Support & Documentation


Core Joomla Microdata Overrides

We have added microdata to the core Joomla! component and module views which means that you can drop them straight into your /html folder in your template and start using microdata-rich templates.

Our overrides are based on the core views, and we update them whenever there is a change to these files.  For this reason, we do ask that you register to ensure we can update you if there are any important changes which you'll need to make to your files.




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