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Design and development

Bespoke world-class integrated design and development services


Bespoke Design & Development

Our most popular service, we are an award-winning specialist Joomla agency focusing on a full-service design and development process.

Our design process

The first step in any design project is for you to complete our client on-boarding questionnaire, which helps our design team to get a sense of your likes and dislikes, expectations, and of course what you want to achieve from the design process.

Our designers will then clarify with you exactly what they understand to be the brief, and based on that will provide a quote for the work to be carried out.  We are often asked to work on branding projects for customers, which usually includes the design of various print items such as business cards, fliers, brochures, exhibition stands and roll-up banners - all of this is well within our capabilities.  We can also assist with the print process through our partners.

Our development process

During the quoting process we will have thoroughly examined your project brief and provided an expected timeline for development.  We follow an agile-based workflow which means that we work in 'sprints' of two weeks.  When we start a project we take a look at everything that needs to be done to complete the project, and each task is raised in our project management system and estimated.  We then organise these tasks by priority - taking into account any dependencies that might exist (for example the template being developed before styling of content).  These are then grouped into two-week cycles which we call 'sprints'.

At the end of each sprint, our team have a meeting to review the issues which were added to that sprint, whether they were completed, whether we were accurate with our projections and what we can learn going forward.

Our commitment to quality

We are implemeting a process of continuous improvement, based on the methodology adopted by the software development firm Atlassian.

Our Quality Assistance process revolves around three core principles:

  1. The ability to test well is a learned skill which everybody is capable of achieving

  2. Developers, designers and implementers who are able to test not only increase their own personal efficiency and capacity of their teams, but also do better quality work

  3. When testing can be done confidently within and across teams, people become passionate about delivering quality work, and get to the root cause of quality problems in addition to discovering their symptoms

Consequently everybody in our development and design teams are responsible for quality, and the role of our Quality Assistance Engineer is to help them succeed with fulfilling their responsibility to deliver good work, on time. Our development process follows an Agile methodology, with the average task process looking something like this:

 Agile Workflow

Generally tasks will follow the horizontal pathway from planning through to completion as the most efficient process, but sometimes there are issues along the way, in which case the grey lines represent alternative pathways.

A large part of the QA engineer’s role is in helping our developers, designers and implementers to be good testers by providing feedback during the planning phase, helping the team to write their testing notes and set up any automated testing that might be required, working with the team during the demo phase to identify any bugs, and supporting the creation of post-development testing notes.

The QA engineer for the project will have input at all stages of this process, including the initial planning meetings, review meetings and project post-mortems.



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